Roy Claire Potter

Late winter month 2021

Conference-call studio for unproven scrawl. Chunk of the cooperative business termed, I object.

Members beneath the RCA administration of shape, alongside Roy Claire Potter, to construct initial investigations into their encounters with substances supplied by the Freud Museum.

Rehearsal is plain: studio members to record and carry 250 units of language; collected chit from the Museum, remarks upon the air, scribbles of incidents presumed distinct or symbolic—index units of the Museum, not units about the Museum.

Studio habits matured by Potter target perceptual syntaxes and pursue the emotional evocations beneath—whether coincidentally beneath, or not. Through scripting and audible study, this foundry is for precautionary substance examination within articulations: thatalmost certainly carried in this speech; here almost hardly carried in there field. 

Cooperating members of, I object, to converge chunks of confession and cause recounts still to be sequenced and whetted, as an essaying for book or appearance.

Roy Claire Potter always a composer and scripter of Merseyside, temporarily upon West Yorkshire. Studio habits directed this scrawl.